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“Warsaw. City of the Free People”

Location: Galeria Plenerowa at Krakowskie Przedmieście corner of Traugutta Street
Starting date: 2011-07-02
Starting time: 14:00

“Warsaw. City of the Free People” - is the title of the exhibition prepared in our capital to celebrate the start of Poland's Presidency in the European Union.
The exhibition will be opened by the President of the Capital City of Warsaw, Hanna Gronkiewicz–Waltz, in Galeria Plenerowa, on Saturday, July 2, at 14.00 hrs.

The exhibition, based on the extensive archival documentation provided by the archives of Warsaw's institutions, presents the city's democratic traditions throughout history. It shows Warsaw as an invincible city, characterised by the creative defiance of its citizens who always, even in difficult or desperate times, aspired to freedom and cherished civil liberties. It is here that innovative trends in science, culture and social life radiated from.

The exhibition emphasises that freedom is associated with Warsaw also in another sense: as a city open to newcomers, multicultural and conducive to creative, uncommon individuals. For centuries, values such as the the prosperity of parliamentarism, guaranteed civil rights and religious tolerance, have drawn people of different cultural backgrounds to the city on Vistula, people who contribute to the development of the city.

The exhibition will last until the end of July.

Ticket price: Free Admittance

Traugutta in acction!

Location: Galeria Plenerowa at Krakowskie Przedmieście corner of Traugutta Street
Starting date: 2011-08-01

Young artists take over the outdoor gallery in Krakowskie Przedmieście

„Pink Sugar” fot. Miki Mors

In the first half of August, in Galeria Plenerowa in Traugutta street, there will be an opportunity to meet young artists, graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts. They will be creating live, watched by the passers-by, in the street space. It is part of a project coordinated by the “Faktoria Artystyczna” foundation.  

The project will try to answer the question of how the female and the male element function in the art of today.
Are we in the process of the differences in perception of reality being blurred?
Do we still perceive it through the lens of gender?  
How strong are yet the stereotypes confronting the pink with the blue?
Is the feminist, slightly sexist term of “women's art” as a synonym of difference in perceiving the world, still true?
And is such persistence in remaining in the feminist rampart not turning this term into a handicap of a sort for activities, the main quality of which is the author's gender...

Young Polish artists, grant-holders of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, have been invited to participate in the project, along with two German artists, as part of the “exchange and collaboration” with Berlin. For two weeks, the exposition in Galeria Plenerowa will change every few days, with ten artists in total presenting their works.

There will also be a permanent exposition by Violka Kuś (photographs entitled  “Top Model of Poland”), Mika Mors, a.k.a. Agata Dworzak Subocz (photographs entitled 'Pink Sugar”) and Anka Mierzejewska (photographs entitled ”Drugie De eN A”).

Along with them, the intersection of Krakowskie Przedmieście and Traugutta will also be taken over by:
Txus Parras – a special guest from Germany with his special artistic performance  (01 – 02.08)
Alina Bloch – artworks on silk (03 – 04.08)
Elżbieta Cieszyńska – artistic even (05 – 10.08)
Adam Garnek – artistic event – “the painting musical instruments” (06 – 07.08)
Jola Caban –  exhibition of paintings (08 – 09.08)
Iwona Liegmann –  “Antybaśnie” (Anti-tales) objects (10 – 11.08)
Ola Lewin – an Internet simultaneous action entitled “Home Net TV,” with the participation of the public in Warsaw and partners from Berlin, Barcelona and Israel. (12 – 14.08).

Ticket price: Free Admittance

Our Israelis. The Stories of Polish Jews in Israel - exhibition

Location: Galeria Plenerowa at Krakowskie Przedmieście corner of Traugutta Street
Starting date: 2011-06-13

Stories of Jews and Poles, of Israel and Poland are inextricably connected with each other. The roots of many people, significant for Israeli culture, politics and science, are in Poland. The exhibition “Our Israelis. The Stories of Polish Jews in Israel,” presented from June 13 until June 26, 2011, in Galeria Plenerowa at Traugutta street in Warsaw, will allow us to get familiar with those people.
The inaugurated exhibition will make it possible to show to a wider public how deep the wake of Polish tradition and culture is in the history of Israel and how important their Polish roots are to Israelis. The main part of the exposition will be the presentation of Israel's most prominent artists that have deep connections with Poland. Those presented names will include the likes of David Ben-Gurion, Menachem Begin and Shimon Peres, as well as the lesser known in Poland personalities of culture and science, such as the novelist and translator Uri Orlev, composer and singer Chava Alberstein or very popular in Israel actress Lea Koenig Stolper. Another part of the exhibition will let us get to know better the Jews that have become foreground figures in contemporary Israel and whose parents spent a significant part of their lives in Poland. Among them are Etgar Keret, Amos Oz and Dorit Beinisch.

Ticket price: Free Admittance

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