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Renditions of Chopin’s Songs performed in this concert by talented singers: Iwona Tober (soprano) Tadeusz Szlenkier (tenor) and Leszek Świdziński (tenor), and one of the most prolific Polish pianist, Joanna Ławrynowicz, significantly differ from previous interpretations of Chopin’s lyrical works.

The songs have been arranged so that they create a coherent love story. The story, which seems clichéd on the surface, intermingles with the history of Poland and shows references to the events in the life of the composer and in Polish history. Chopin’s lyrical works are a form of a diary revealing the most personal experiences, and they reflect how human life can change unexpectedly. One can distinguish among three acts of drama: idyllic, war-time or patriotic, and reflective.

The grounds for dramatic approach towards Chopin’s works derive from the favourite pastime of Romantic artists, who would organize music nights and present mise-en-scènes of songs which would reflect their lyrics. Despite the fact that Chopin did not manage to publish his songs when alive, it is a known fact that he would perform them during evening meetings of emigrants in Paris. The songs would also be sung by Polish ladies during meetings at Delfina Potocka’s, a friend of Chopin’s, and Chopin’s sister Ludwika would perform his songs in Warsaw.

Musical interpretations of poems by poets close to Chopin’s heart, such as Adam Mickiewicz, Zygmunt Krasiński and Stefan Witwicki, contain musical references to Polish folk music and they constitute a unique form of expression of Chopin’s Polish identity, and they brilliantly complement the collection of his artistic works. The programme includes a selection of songs arranged in a logical sequence so that they constitute a whole. One can perceive the concert as an unwritten opera: with an intimate atmosphere, touching and of truly national character.

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